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Lack of maintaining property, leaving house repairs unfinished can seriously affect the value of the house

The value of the house prices of property, can be affected by exteriors, which are in need of repair or replacement

There are lots of facets, that link together to achieve an average house price in the UK according to this company. Home-owners contribute to getting the best deal for their property. If you have ever been a potential buyer, and viewed numerous properties, you will discover the impact of first impressions. The first viewing is a crucial point, which makes or breaks a sale. If the house needs work done, such as repairs, decoration, replacement windows for example, or an overgrown garden. Garden fences that are in need of repair, the potential buyer will subsequently have second thoughts about buying. Or may put in a lower offer.

Your house value can be made significantly lower by signs of wear and tear to your property

Quite a few property owners look at the interior of their house as a focal selling point, and give this more attention than the exterior of the house. With the passing of years, weather conditions, there is a gradual decay and un-kept look to the exterior. Looking after the outside of the property to make it at its best, and showcase the house is probably though of as unnecessary. However, as-well as making the property more attractive to a potential buyer, careful regular maintenance will reap rewards . The building will be protected and structurally maintained. This can increase and be a relevant part involving house prices in the UK.

Roof maintenance on a regular basis, can prevent problems and hiccups, when your next house valuation occurs

Perhaps, the biggest job and the most expensive repair to a home is the replacement of the roof. The roof can be inspected and problems are easily seen and identifiable. Potential buyers , once acknowledging problems with the roof, may not even cross the threshold of the property. The roof should be inspected regularly. It is better to keep repaired. Checking for loose slates, leaks, preventing any problems before a viewing, or house valuation occurs or is planned. Identifying problems early, will be less costly in the long run.

Gutters should be checked regularly and cleaned out. This is a cheap and simple process. If they are not fully and suitably maintained, more expense is involved. This may require costly professional expertise, and may affect the future house valuations. Protecting your home is an important factor. A process as simple as removing leaves from the guttering can protect your house value and help you achieve a fast property sale.

Alongside guttering , drains and brickwork should be systematically and periodically checked. Gutters are inexpensively maintained and should not be overlooked. If these checks aren’t carried out, they are expensive items to replace, and can effect house valuations in the future.

Fitting windows and doors properly, is an important selling feature of the property. Inadequate fittings can affect property valuations. If the doors and windows are ill fitting, they are costly features to replace and put right.

It is a wise move to get professionals to fit them. Although more costly, it is probably better in the long run. Ill fitting windows may lead to less profitable house sales in the future. The more people who desire your property, and see themselves living there, the better chance you have of a sale. To most people buying a property takes them on a journey, it is an emotional experience. If you can present your home in the best light possible, the better chance of selling will ensue. Making sure your garden is tidy is a must. If you paint a picture to the prospective buyer of a painted fence, mowed lawn, with a splash of colour in the flower beds, you are half way to selling the property.

Even if the interior of your home is very well presented, if the exterior isn’t and the structure is uncared for, the house valuation will prove to be shock-able to the seller. Preventative maintenance can save money in the long term. As-well as protecting the house value of your home.

House prices can be seriously affected by wind farms and their closeness to property

Climate change, and the search for different resources for fuels, is a great challenge for today’s society. Wind farms are now seen as an important part of energy supply in the UK. However, not everyone sees them in a good light. Many people see them as a blot on the landscape. This puts potential buyers off, when the landscape is overshadowed by these enormous structures. There is a distinct link between value and house prices of properties that are close or near to a wind far. This has long been a matter for consideration. However, there is no real evidence to pursue this consideration.

Windmill generators in Germany

Various studies by the government to identify the link between wind farms and property prices

The Government have had concerns about the impact of wind farms, socially and economically, especially in rural areas and the effect on house prices. The Guardian reported that there is a risk of 7 percent reduction in property values as a result of wind farms and their presence on the land. Some sellers even need to consider selling a house quickly in order to escape the possible threat of wind farms being built. An alternative study research estimated a 10 percent decrease. Many people, believe that these structures, damage the idyllic views of the landscape. It is claimed, that they have lead to a drastic reduction for houses, where these wind farms are housed and situated. Lots of prominent writers have voiced criticism of these farms including Bill Grayson a travel writer.

If wind energy is increased, further damage may result in reductions to UK house prices

At the moment, relying on wind energy is a small percentage of the total energy supply accounted for, less than 4 percent to be precise. However, with CO2 emission targets to adhere to,and cleaner energy projects in the future, it could well be that huge wind turbines will be more prominent in all parts of the country. An estimated 184 new farms, have been given planning permission, and this will increase in future years to come.

Electricity pylons, have taken thousands of pounds off property values, in the UK. Wind farms are creating the same effect. The average house price may subsequently drop by at least £20,000 if a wind farm pops up in the vicinity. Local residents, have their hands tied, and are powerless to counteract the demise of these structures. other associated problems affecting house values, are more damaging to house values. These range from anti-social behaviour and lead to ‘bad’ areas where crime is rife.

Wind farms and their proximity are causing some problems, and attacking the unspoiled rural properties, where the potential buyer’s landscape and views could be blotted and hindered with unsightly wind farms. It is not all bad news. Other factors can reduce the impact of the wind farms. Good local amenities, good schools,can out way and detract from the presence of wind farms, making them a less important structure that imposes the landscape.

You may have to lower your house valuation, by the impact caused by these structures. A good property service will be able to quickly find you a buyer, in less time than on the open market. There are arguments for the construction of more wind farms, as they are an environmentally friendly source of energy. A recent hearing, concerning a resident in Norwich area, who claimed, she was paying a lot more for council tax, because her home was affected by a new wind farm. The tribunal agreed, which is a first legal acknowledgement of the fact, that there is a link between, wind farms and the property price.

The search goes on for renewable energy at low prices. These searches, will continue regardless, and more wind farms will be set up and allowed and will increase year by year.The house owner never wins in these cases, and must accept the fact that house prices may be affected in parts of the country.